Pansexuality and panromanticism is a newer, more misunderstood orientation. With much infighting in the pansexual community and vilification from outside, it's important to learn and understand this orientation.



the pansexual pride flag

Pansexuality and panromanticism are described as the attraction to all genders. While it originated from the idea that bisexuality is inherently enforcing the gender binary, this idea is provably false and ignores the experiences of many bisexuals, including nonbinary bisexuals, and also erases the history of bisexuals and the history of their word.

Many pans will describe their attraction as "gender blind" or "hearts not parts", but both these phrases are highly problematic. "Gender blind" serves to erase the importance of gender identity to many people, as well as leaving out pansexuals for whom gender is an important factor in their attraction. "Hearts not parts" could be considered cissexist and transphobic, equating body parts to gender, as well as erasing people of other orientations who feel that body parts has little weight on their attraction. 

The most respectful and inclusive definition of pansexuality is simply "attraction to all genders," though many pansexual people also refer to themselves as having "attraction regardless of gender."

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