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Genderqueer is an identity used by people who feel that their gender is not exclusively that of male or female. It was once regarded as an umbrella term for those identities, but is no longer seen as such by the majority due to criticisms of using a slur in an umbrella term, as well as DMAB (Designated Male at Birth) folks and POC feeling excluded from the genderqueer community, as resources and discourse within the community largely cater to white DFAB (Designated Female at Birth) folks. 

Many genderqueer may consider themselves to also be nonbinary and/or trans, but not all of them do.


While many genderqueer people feel that the word satisfies their identity on its own, still many others choose to identify themselves with other genders, or lack thereouf, in addition. These identities usually also fall under the nonbinary umbrella, but not always, depending on the identity and person using them. 

Some of these identities are:

  • agender
  • aliagender
  • bigender
  • demiboy
  • demigirl
  • genderfluid
  • genderflux
  • gender neutral
  • pangender
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Genderqueer FlagEdit


the most recent version of Marilyn Roxie's genderqueer flag

The most recent genderqueer flag was created by Marilyn Roxie in June of 2011. It underwent two other versions of the same color scheme in 2010, both of which are in more common use than the most recent.

This flag consists of three stripes. From top to bottom: lavender (#b57edc) represents those who feel their gender is male and female, as it is a mix of the traditional boy and girl colors. It also represents queerness in general. Dark chartreuse green (#4A8123) represents those whose genders exists outside of and without reference to the binary, as it is the inverse color to lavender. White (#FFFFFF) represents those who are agender or gender neutral, as it is on the trans flag. [1]