fellas, is it straight to be gay? i mean....u ARE a homosexual and a homosapien. two negatives make a positive /:

tea timeEdit

why was there no gay page in the first place nani the FUYCK i hate miogai 

i ran out of copypasta


[Chorus : Hentai Dude] hit that bitch with the uwu h-hit hit… hit that bitch with the uwu (u wu wu) hit that bitch with the uwu h-hit hit… hit that bitch with the uwu (u wu wu) x4 [Verse 1 : Hentai Dude] owo what’s this, spittin bars so slick keep a leash up on your hoe cuz she slidin’ on my dick hit her with the uwu then she fiendin for my shit bump and grindin in the bed, gettin wet all on my dick, uh baby, you’re so sensual you got a senpai captivated with your visual just lemme know if you a cute imouto down to roll and we can squad up to japan, yeah that’s factual i ain’t really tryina front but they been sayin I’m the man yeah I navigate my lifestyle, I always had a plan now I’m stackin up my money, spendin’ time up in japan drop a stack 100 doujins, but I’m easy with these grands if you tryina get HYPE lemme see those fuckin hands pop that pussy for a real senpai while I throw these bands I’m the admiral on deck, these boat girls I always command harajuku style flexin, moe girls they be the fam, aye [Chorus : Hentai Dude] [Verse 2: Hentai Dude] Yeah you know we get it poppin' Fuck it throw it never stoppin' Cashin' out on 2D titty in the club like it be nothin' Hit Akiba, Ikebukuro, then Naka(no) yeah we stuntin' Down that Broadway (Nakano Broadway) I be flexin' Moe shoujos while we bumpin Yeah these bishoujos cute, these 3D girls they /okay/ But they lackin' that 2d, so senpai send em away See me out every night like "homie fuck a last train" Ballin' out on a taxi because my flex be insane (taxis in Japan are hella expensive) Yeah, went from a neet up in his basement To Japanese dreams, walking on that 2d pavement Now I got it poppin, said that I would never make it Now they hit my DMs with a feature and a payment So I'ma stay on my shit, yo 3d girl on my dick Live in Japan now, but my flow so foreign just like my whip I be straight memein' my shit, Hentai Dude really legit And one more time, yeah, tell me, aye, whatchu gon' hit? [Chorus : Hentai Dude]