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Fursecution is a portmanteau word coined in the late 1990s that has come to mean the perceived persecution of furries by elements outside the fandom, and often derisively, to suggest overreaction to criticism.

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  • 1 Fursecution's meaning
  • 2 Term "validity"
  • 3 Anti-furry "fursecution"
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Fursecution's meaning Edit

A greatly debated subject, with some claiming it to be a legitimate form of discrimination, while others find it a severe overreaction, this term may have originated from the mockery generated by sites like Something Awful, which is often targeted at the furry fandom. The primary reason for these disagreements is the fact that the term is applied to situations both serious and trivial, predominantly the latter.

It has been suggested[1] that this word was conceived by members of Crush Yiff Destroy, but use of the term was documented in Usenet posts as far back as 1998[2].

Term "validity" Edit

It can be argued that a large amount of the perceived "fursecution" could be due to certain people's oversensitivity to criticism about the furry fandom (such as claims that many furries are homosexual or bisexual, or furs are in just for the sexual aspects of the culture.) Encyclopædia Dramatica, which pokes fun at various internet phenomena, including furries, says, "Furries suffer from an acute victim complex. This makes them very easy to torment."

In other words, while any group that is at least relatively well-known will inevitably draw criticism or mockery, the (oversensitive) reaction (or overreaction) by some individuals to such attacks is what they would claim qualifies as being "Fursecuted."

Anti-furry "fursecution" Edit

By 2005, anti-furry groups or people had added alternative meanings to the word:

  • Either as it being one signifying an actual "attack" by anti-furry

elements on a furry person, group or site for the sole purpose to, hopefully, generate furry drama.

  • Or, as a mocking term towards a furry person, group or site when a

situation or event is unfavorable or detrimental towards them. [3]