Tears streamed down your face as you typed out a message on Tumblr, saying that you were a waste of space, and not worth being around, and basically saying goodbye. You gulp as you hit the “post” button – you knew you had no followers, and that only added to your growing hopelessness and feeling like no one would care if you just…vanished. Too bad you forgot about one particular follower. F/C. Almost immediately, a text came through on your phone from F/C, demanding you to pick up the phone, or at least text him back. You ignore it, burying your head into your pillow, preparing to have one final, last cry. However, before you could, your phone started to ring. You press “ignore”, and switched your phone off, throwing it towards a wall. At that point, you dragged yourself to your feet, stumbling across the room and into the tiny bathroom, desperate to find the bottle of pills you’ve kept there for months. As your hand scrabbled desperately, searching for the small, round bottle, there was a sharp knock at your apartment door. You freeze, knowing exactly who it was. You rush to lock the bathroom door, not wanting them to see this. The knocking grew louder, before finally the person got impatient and let themselves in. “Y/N? Y/N! Are you in here?!” Their voice is filled with panic, and it made your heart break. You tried to keep quiet, but the bottle of pills slip between your hands, falling to the floor with a crash. At least you didn’t have to open the bottle now. As you bend down, you hear pounding on the bathroom door. “Y/N! I know you’re in there! Open this door, right now!” F/C yells, his cries becoming desperate as they hear you shift the glass aside. Eventually, his panic took over, and he kicks the door down, stopping dead once he sees you on the floor, scrambling to pick up as many of the small white pills as you can. Not thinking of anything else, F/C tackles you, effectively knocking any pills you had managed to pick up. Before you had a chance to move, he wraps his arms around you in a vice grip, refusing to let you budge an inch. He drags you from the bathroom, carrying you in his arms, and sits on the bed, pulling you into his lap. “Why, Y/N? Why would you…” Tears stream down F/C’s face as they realise the severity of the situation. Tears fill your own eyes, and spill down your cheeks before you had a chance to stop them. Sobbing, and gasping for air, you bury your head into F/C’s chest and let everything out. How lonely you felt, how miserable you were. How much you wanted to end it. Those bitchy girls at school. The snotty teachers who made you feel like rubbish just because your grades weren’t as high as everyone else. By the time you had sobbed out everything to F/C, tears and snot on your face as well as their shirt, their tears had stopped. “Y/N, look at me.” You timidly look up, meeting his gaze. “Y/N, why didn’t you tell me any of this before? You know I would have helped, you know I wouldn’t have let you gone through this alone. I’m always there for you, you know that.” He starts stroking your cheek, wiping away some of the tear tracks. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a tissue. F/C holds it to your eyes and carefully wipes the tears away, then holds the tissues to your nose. “C’mon. Blow.” You blow your nose, blushing a little bit, feeling like a little kid again. Once you were done, he throws the tissue into the trash. F/C gathers you up closer to his chest, and you gratefully snuggle into his warmth. “I couldn’t bear to lose you, Y/N.” He whispered, pulling up your chin so that you’re looking into his eyes. “I care about you too much. Don’t leave me…” He breathed. F/C bends his head down towards yours, lightly kissing your lips. You freeze, not knowing how to react at first. Eventually, you return the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. Eventually, he pulls away. “I love you, Y/N. I have for a long time, and I will always be here for you. You only have to ring me – once we get you a new phone.” F/C frowns, looking at the smashed phone on the floor. “But that doesn’t matter now. I’m here, and I always will be.” He tells you quietly, pulling you in tight for a hug. You sigh and close your eyes, nuzzling into his chest. F/C continues to hold you, rubbing your back with soothing circles. You didn’t know how long the two of you sat like that, hugging, but the moment was interrupted by you letting out a yawn. F/C chuckles quietly. “Are you tired?” You nod quietly. You really were exhausted, with the emotional strain placed on you that day. Not to mention all the crying. Your eyes were already very heavy, and you were struggling to open your eyes again after every blink. F/C gives you a warm smile, scooping you up, lifting the covers to your bed up and tucking you underneath them. “Stay…” You whisper to F/C, the word slightly slurred. Your eyes kept closing, but you forced them open, making sure that he was still there. You hear F/C sigh, mostly in amusement. You feel the bed sink a little, before a large and very warm weight is pressed behind you, and an arm sneaks around your waist, pulling you close. You turn over to face F/C, nuzzling into their chest. “Are you comfy?” F/C whisper to you, slightly worried when they didn’t get an answer. That worry soon melted away as they hear your light snoring. Grinning, F/C bends over you and plants a kiss to your forehead. You stir, and mumble; “F/C…I love you…” F/C waits until you settle, lying down themselves and tucking you in again. “I love you too, Y/N. You’ll never be alone anymore.”


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