Aromantic is a fairly new identity in the MOGAI world. It may seem strange to alloromantics (people who are not aromantic), but it's quite a normal sensation. Understanding it may be hard, but with a little effort and kindness, acceptance goes a long way.



proposed aromantic pride flag

Aromanticism is when a person does not experience romantic attraction. There are many kinds of aromanticism, of course, and some of these are: gray-romantic, demiromantic, and lithromantic.

Aromantics are not necessarily asexual, but they may be. 

One headway aromantics have made is the development of queerplatonic (or, alternately, quirkyplatonic) relationships. Queerplatonic relationships are built on profound but not romantic love. Some people in these relationships consider themselves to be life partners. This kind of love and relationship is different from simple friendly love or romantic love.

Aro SpectrumEdit

Below is a list of identities that fall under aromanticism:

  • Gray-romantics are people who only rarely experience romantic attraction.
  • Demiromatnics are people who only experience romantic attraction once a bond is formed
  • Lithromantics are people who experience romantic attraction but do not desire reciprocation for their feelings. They may be repulsed by reciprocation or may be more passive about it, not needing or actively wanting reciprocation, but not repusled by it either.

Related FlagsEdit

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